Old Turkana Food Container – Atubwa – Kenya


Wood. Beautiful work. Grams 373,8 (13.19 oz.); length 23,0 cm x width 14,0 cm x height 12,0 cm. (9.06″ x 5.51″ x 4.72″).

This old tribally used food container (atubwa) was made by the women of the tribe to hold food or milk. This old Turkana atubwa food bowl combines function and artistry of the female carver which is the hallmark of the Turkana people. This atubwa bowl like all atubwa bowls has a rounded bottom to keep the bowl from tipping over on the sand floor of the Turkana house to prevent spilling but this bowl does stand upright on it’s own. The outside of the bowl is decorated with some intentionally burnt areas. These bowls are usually masterfully carved so that the growth rings of the tree trunk are visible which adds to the rustic beauty of the bowl.


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Weight450 g