Pair Of Warrior’s Karamojong Bracelets – Uganda


1980′. Copper, aluminium, brass. Approx. cm. 6,5 high x 7,5 width (2.56″ x 2.95″). Gr. 40,3 (1.42 oz.).

The Karamojong are an ethnic group of agro-pastoral living mainly in the north-east of Uganda. Their language is also known as Karamojong and is part of the Nile-Saharan language group.

The main livelihood activity of the Karamojong is herding livestock, which has social and cultural importance. Due to the arid climate of the region, the Karamojong have always practiced a sort of pastoral transhumance, where for 3–4 months in a year, they move their livestock to the neighboring districts in search of water and pasture for their animals.

As both a rite of passage into manhood, as well as a requirement for engagement, a young Karamojong man is required to wrestle the woman he desires to marry. If he is successful in winning the wrestling match against the woman, he is now considered to be a man and is permitted to marry the woman. This ensures that the man will be strong enough to care for and protect his wife. After a successful match, the dowry negotiations are allowed to commence.

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