Amazigh Collection

Berber Fibulae – TIZERZAI – Rif Mountains, MoroccoBerber Fibulae – TIZERZAI – Rif Mountains, Morocco

Early 20th century. Silver gr. 526,7 (18.57 oz); each rings of the chain from silver coins. Each fibula measures cm. 20,0 high (7.87”) x cm. 9,2 width (3.62”) . Overall, with the chain, the piece is cm. 102,5 long (40.35 Inches). Essential feminine embellishment, the tizerzai are taken in [...]

Hand of Fatima n. 01 – Khamsa – Meknes, MoroccoMano di Fatima – Khamsa – Meknes, Marocco

Early 20th century. Silver, carnelian, blue enamel. Gr. 72,7. Cm. 12,7 x Cm. 7,0. The Hand is a common symbol in much of the world since prehistoric times: the hands of the Tassili rock positive and negative (southern Algeria), dating from a period between 9000 and 7000 years ago, hand-painted [...]