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Kuba Ngende Cloth Ceremonial Over Skirt – DR Congo

Mid 20th century. Raffia Vinifera fibers. Approximately cm. 480,0 x 90,0  (188.98" x 35.43"). Ceremonial wraparound skirt from Kuba Ngende worn by the village chief or title holder at festivities and ceremonies. Only they are allowed to wear the texile with pattern blocks (matweemy). The Kuba (or Bakuba) peoples are famous for producing beautiful fabrics (Ntchaks) ​​from fibers of the palm Raphia Vinifera. It is tough material, [...]

Kuba Raffia Cloth – BUSHOONG – DR Congo

Raffia Vinifera fibers. Mid 20th century. Approximately cm. 81 x 178 (31.8 x 70.0 inches). The Kuba (or Bakuba) peoples are famous for producing beautiful fabrics made ​​from fibers of the palm Raphia Vinifera by a long and complex process that includes the participation of men, women and children belonging [...]